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At Multiverse Art each piece represents not only a glimpse into cultural history, but also a journey into the future of fine art ownership using blockchain technology.

Our platform is currently under development. We invite you to stay tuned for updates and be among the first to access our exquisite fine art collections.

Michael Legge-Wilkinson
Multiverse Art projects

A image of Michael standing beside his famous artwork Gulpilil

Michael Legge-Wilkinson is an award-winning independent Australian artist represented in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Painting is a meditation for Michael who now focuses exclusively on Major Portrait works.


Gulpilil Dreaming

The Champion Becomes a Legend

Meet the team

Profile picture of Tyrone James

Tyrone James
AKA (CryptoTraitor)

Co-founder / Technical Director at Multiverse Art

Profile picture of Michael Legge-Wilkinson

Michael Legge-Wilkinson

Co Founder at Multiverse Art
Award-winning independent Australian Artist

Rasmus King

Australian Actor, Surfer, and Musician Rasmus is a
multi-talented artist from Australia.

As part of the upcoming additions to the Multiverse art collection, renowned multiverse artist Michael Legge-Wilkinson is currently working on a major work featuring Rasmus.

Join our community to embark on an artistic adventure as we eagerly await the completion of the Rasmus King portrait.

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